Ali F Mostafa

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Film has been a central part of Ali Mostafa’s life since his childhood and he grew up to pursue a Master’s degree in Filmmaking from the London Film School.

Ali set up his own production company called AFM Films in 2006. It was established to have the creative freedom to produce and write cutting edge work. AFM Films produces all kinds of film work such as shorts, documentaries, corporates, and commercials.

In 2009 his and the UAE’s biggest achievement in film to date was released – City of Life. Breaking box office records for an Emirati film, Ali’s first big budget feature captured the hearts and minds of a nation.

One of the pioneers in the Emirati film industry he has received a number of accolades during his years in film.

The journey for Ali continues as he works on his next feature film projects, which are set to take his directorial career to yet another level.