Arun Gandhi

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Born in 1934 in South Africa, Arun Gandhi is the grandson of India’s legendary leader, Mohandas K. “Mahatma” Gandhi.

Arun shares the lessons he learned of love and tolerance from his parents and grandparents all around the world. Arun is very involved in social programs and writing, as well. Together, he and his late wife Sunanda started projects for the social and economic uplifting of the oppressed using constructive programs, the backbone of Gandhi’s philosophy of nonviolence. The programs changed the lives of more than half a million people in over 300 villages and they still continue to grow.

Arun is the author of several books, including The Forgotten Woman: The Untold Story of Kastur, the Wife of Mahatma Gandhi, jointly with his late wife Sunanda, as well as Grandfather Gandhi, a children’s book co-authored with Bethany Hegedus and illustrated by Evan Turk. He also edited a book of essays, World Without Violence: Can Gandhi’s Vision Become Reality?

His most recent book is The Gift of Anger, which collects the lessons he learned while living with his grandfather.