Angels Next Door Review


by: Tarini Bahadur

Rating: 4 Stars

Riley has had a few sad moments in her past, but has always been cheered up by her best friend. One day, something happened that broke Riley’s heart again. Her best friend is leaving forever. After her friend left, there is no chance of her surviving school. So when the bully Lauren ‘Queen of everything’ Mayhew begins picking on Riley, this time she has no one to protect her. It looks like Riley is on her own…..until she meets her new neighbors! They are different; each one of them is unique, not just in their names and clothes, but in their personality. Unlike Riley, her step-sister Dot, is extremely excited about her new potential playmates. There is something magical about her mysterious neighbors, could it be true? Could Dot be right about her interesting theory about them?

I enjoyed this book to bits. It taught me an important lesson … to never give up on making new friends. I was surprised in how emotionally involved I got in this book.  The style of writing is creative and different. Riley is a sweet girl, she is sometimes like me, lost in her own world of imagination. All that you could do is feel is an urge to help her.

I recommend this book to people who like the idea of never giving up on hope. Maybe for Riley, hope was lost somewhere on the other side of the world and reclaimed by the most unexpected strangers. I also recommend this book to people who love magical books .The book is a perfect read for grade 5-6.

Angels next door is a very emotional, enjoyable book and I can’t wait to read the next one!