EAFOL16 Team Picks Manisha


Sponsorship Manager Manisha Dutt shares which EAFOL16 author she’s excited about
The-House-of-Silk1The Festival has just released a sneak preview of the authors for the 2016 Festival, revealing the names of 12 of the many authors that one can look forward to seeing at the Festival. Of these 12, I am looking forward to the session with Anthony Horowitz!

Much of this anticipation is because I have just finished readingMoriarty and House of Silk and  I have always thought of him as a children’s/ teen writer courtesy Alex Rider. I have seen my son devour Alex Rider books and talk about what a cool character Alex was! And while I must confess to having read and re-read Harry Potter and devoured Percy Jackson along with my son, the back-of-the book blurbs really never tempted me to read an Alex Rider book, notwithstanding their obvious popularity.

I have grown up reading Sherlock Holmes and have read non-canonical Sherlock Holmes pastiches and enjoyed them, but was skeptical about reading another Sherlock Holmes mystery not written by Doyle. But was wonderfully surprised by the books and actually enjoyed reading both of them. He was true to the general feel of the stores and characters which is quite commendable. And then I found out he has also written a new James Bond novel!

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