EAFOL16 Team Picks Yvette


EAFOL16 Assistant Director Yvette Judge on why she finds Petr Horacek’s books captivating

Petr-Horacek-3When I think back to the books I loved as a child (and they were mainly borrowed from King’s Heath Public Library in Birmingham!) I remember the joy of choosing picture books; I would look at the illustrations and then when my mum had time she would read me the stories. Quite often I had already told myself the story and was sometimes surprised to find that the ‘real’ version didn’t match my own! Those childhood memories of story-sharing still bring a feeling of comfort and remembrance of the cosy feeling of snuggling up, with my mum and a book, and that is something I tried to replicate with my own children.

No surprise then to find that my first love in Bookland would be an illustrated story, and so I will choose Petr Horacek to be my most exciting pick of the first names released for the 2016 Festival.

Illustrators are vital to bring stories to life, and they are skilled artists – Petr studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Prague, and was inspired to begin work on books for children when his daughter was born. All I can say is thank goodness for the birth of Tereza!

If you want to share the work of this talented illustrator with your children, have a look at his Silly Suzy Goose books. Delightful storylines combine with captivating illustrations for children of 2+, although my favourite books by Petr are his stories about Little Mouse – in one, mouse searches for a house and in another he thinks he has found a piece of the moon to eat.

Take time to enjoy the artwork in the books and share with your children.

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