It’s about to get legendary Darkmouth Review


By Azad Mateo Boyadjian Year 6A, Jumeirah Primary School

Darkmouth-1Book Title: It’s about to get legendary – Darkmouth

Author: Shane Hegarty

Type: Fiction

Genre: Comedy-Action

Main Characters:


Aged 12 has got messy brown hair. He is not a natural fighter but is expected to take down mythical monsters, also known as legends, singlehandedly. Finn wants to become a veterinary doctor so that he can help animals instead of hurting them.


Aged 12 she has curly red hair with a fringe, she would love to be a Legend Hunter like Finn but sadly for her she can’t become one. Her father makes her spy on Finn. She used to live in the city with her father and her kitten and now she lives in Darkmouth village. She does not like to speak about her life in the city.


He has ebony black hair, he has got a muscular build and he is a legend hunter not like any other, he is THE legend hunter. He invented the dessicator, a sort of gun that makes Legends transform into small balls.

Darkmouth-Mr-GladMr Glad

He has long chestnut hair; he lives in an old shop. Mr Glad used to help Hugo but he now works for the Legends, to help them invade Darkmouth.


The story takes place in the village of Darkmouth, the last Blighted village on Earth. A Blighted village is a village that has portals opening in it, leaving Legends on the loose.


This is the story of a village called Darkmouth that is about to be invaded by Legends/ Monsters but Hugo, the Legend hunter, has made a sort of dessicator bomb. Sadly his friend, Mr Glad is trying to ruin his plan. Will Flinn be able to stop this massacre?

My Opinion:

What did I enjoy about this book? I loved the author’s imagination when it comes to creating the characters and the gadgets. My favourite part was when Flinn gets bullied at school and how the author describes the fight.