My Name is Book Book Review by Aditi Gandhi (Festival Champion)


‘My Name is Book’ is an extraordinary and captivating non-fiction book written by John Agard that is an autobiography related by an anthropomorphic entity – Book itself!

This journey is about the very idea of a book – how it was created, the invention of paper, pens, writing, printing and how libraries came to existence together with its current digital manifestation. The Book tells how writing began 5000 years ago in Mesopotamia with the Sumerians, passing down to the Scythians, going forward to the Romans, Chinese and finally to us fellow book readers. This majestic journey of Book is truly remarkable – how people once wrote on soft clay tablets, then moved forward to papyrus scrolls, and finally the invention of paper occurred. The mention of the evolution of the alphabet is also delightful.

Different inspirational quotes from authors, impactful poems, literature extracts and fascinating facts makes this book an interesting and thought provoking read for young and old readers alike.

It is indeed the journey……… Of Book that makes this book truly magnificent!