My Thoughts on The Maze Runner


By Cate McNair

I went into reading The Maze Runner by James Dashner with an open mind. I had tried to read it a few years ago but never really got into it. I put my original opinion away and read it bias free.

The first few chapters were very, very descriptive. It almost felt like I was in the Glade with Thomas and all the other Gladers. Although it was very descriptive, the first bit of the book did not have much action. The book never really had many parts where it was too chaotic or too intense, but it keeps you interested the entire time. It keeps you so interested that I was able to read the 374 page book in about four and a half hours because although it’s never too hectic, it keeps you locked.

I would recommend this book to somebody who wants to explore the world of dystopian teen fiction, or to someone who just wants to read a book that they don’t have to read the sequel to if they don’t want to. The ending of this book in a way, gives you an option. If you want, you can read the next book, find out what happens, but it also allows you to let your imagination run wild and make up your own story of what happens.