Question Time with Dom Joly


Dom-Joly-@Rich-HardcastleQ. Which other EAFOL 2016 participant are you most excited about?

I’m a big fan of Justin Marozzi but I know him already so I’m very excited to meet Diana Darke whose work I love.

Q. Which book(s) are you reading now?

I’m currently reading Cameron at Ten by Anthony Seldon and Call me Dave by Isabel Oakeshott – I’m knee deep in The Prime Minister.

Q. Which literary character would you invite to dinner? And why?

Tintin – so many questions…

Q. There have been some interesting additions to the dictionary over the years. Which word would you remove?

Gullible – actually, it turns out that it’s not even in the dictionary.

Q. Who would write/ illustrate the story of your life?

Herge would illustrate, Mark Twain would write it.