The Copernicus Legacy, The Serpent’s Curse Review


by: Paul Giard

The Copernicus Legacy, the Serpent’s Curse is a mystery adventure in which 4 teenagers and their father race across the globe.

Their aim is to try to save their mother, Sara, who has been kidnaped by a top-secret evil association: The Teutonic Order.

As well as saving Sara, they also need to solve a complex mystery to find a relic from an ancient time machine but the Teutonic Order is also trying to get the relic: a gold, jewel incrusted snake named Serpens.

The main characters are:

– Roald: Sara’s husband

– Darrel: Roald’s son

– Wade: Roald’s second son

– Roald also has 2 nieces; Lily and Becca who help them save Sara and find Serpens.

The kidnaping of Sara sends them to first London, then Russia, where they are chased by the Teutonic Order, because Serpens is there and Sara as well.

In the end, they manage to find Serpens and save Sara. But, as they save Sara, who was going to be sent off to the past by the Teutonic Order, the Teutonic Order steals Serpens.

I liked The Copernicus Legacy because it was full of mystery and adventure and I adore stories with adventure mysteries.

Tony Abbott is one of my favourite writers and I hope he has luck writing his next novels.

The Copernicus Legacy was a good choice of book because it was interesting and fun to read, for, the way the book was written it made you feel like as if you were in the adventure and that is why I really enjoyedThe Copernicus Legacy.