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Montegrappa Writing Prize – Previous Winners – Emirates Airline Festival of Literature.
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Montegrappa Writing Prize Previous Winners

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Montegrappa Writing Prize 2018 Winners

  • Winner – Jillian Fox (Otherworld)
  • First runner-up – John Weston (Where The Mountains Kiss The Sun)
  • Second runner-up – Catriona Riordan (Echo)
  • Third runner-up – Johara Almogbel (The Nothing File)
  • Fourth runner-up – Eric Hilgendorf (Hard Water)
  • Montegrappa Writing Prize 2017 Winners

    From left to right, Charles Nahhas, Luigi Bonomi, Farzeen Noorie Ashik, Rebekah Heaney, Helga Jensen-Forde, Jennifer Bromham, Musfira Shaffi, John Hemingway, Giuseppe Aquila
    • 1st Place – Rebekah Heaney
    • 2nd Place – Musfira Shaffi
    • 3rd Place – Jennifer Bromham
    • 4th Place – Farzeen Noorie Ashik
    • 5th Place – Helga Jensen-Forde

    Montegrappa Writing Prize 2016 Winners

    Karen Osman

    1st Place – Karen Osman
    Karen Osman

    2nd Place – Charlotte Butterfield
    Karen Osman

    3rd Place – Ahmed Bukhatir
    Karen Osman

    4th Place – A. Webber
    Karen Osman

    5th Place – Jessica Jarlvi Graham

    Montegrappa Writing Prize 2015 Winners

    1st Place – Claudine Pabst

    2nd Place – Kim Adams

    3rd Place – Steven Bainbridge

    Montegrappa Writing Prize 2014 Winners

    From left to right, Michele Martin, Charles Nahhas, Luigi Bonomi, Dima Lababidi, Lucinda Martin, Janice Lane Frasier and Racha Mourtada
    • 1st Place – Michele Martin
    • 2nd Place – Lucinda Martin
    • 3rd Place – Dima Lababidi
    • 4th Place – Racha Mourtada
    • 5th Place – Janice Lane Frasier

    Montegrappa Writing Prize 2013 Winners

    1st Place – Annabel Kantaria

    2nd Place – Rachel Hamilton

    3rd Place – Linda C. MacConnell

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