Gennaro Pellicia

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Gennaro Pellicia first discovered Costa and his passion for coffee during a summer break when he worked as a barista at Gatwick Airport in 1991.

He returned to Costa in 1997 as a trainer, and it was then with his help that Costa opened their 1st coffee academy in their Covent Garden store. Following its success, Gennaro found himself delivering coffee courses to the public.

His talents were soon noticed by the then Master of Coffee, Gino Amasanti, who took him under his wing and taught him all he knew about espresso coffee & roasting. This led him to assisting the Master Roaster and being named Master of Coffee himself in 2005.

It is Gennaro’s finely-honed taste buds that have decided whether a blend was suitable to leave the roasting plants. It is for this reason Costa insured Gennaro’s tongue for £10 million with Lloyd’s of London in 2009!

Gennaro has worked hard to maintain his gustative skills finely tuned and keeps up to speed with every evolving coffee industry trend and very much enjoys trying coffees from all over the world. He has qualified as a CQI Coffee Grader and has certified as a UKBC barista judge.

Gennaro has more recently spent the last 3 years from 2014 to 2017 playing a fundamental role in shaping and managing the creation of the £38 million new purposely built Costa roasting facility in Basildon.