Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods Review


by: Veda Fernandes

 “You’re going down, big boy!” Zeus yelled. He charged in for the kill.

He threw a lightning bolt that impacted Typhoeus’s chest like a fifty-megaton hydrogen bomb. The storm giant staggered backwards but he didn’t fall.

Zeus blasted the giant again and again. The explosions fried the air, vaporized the water and blistered the surface of the earth, but Typhoeus kept coming…

– From Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods

Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods, by Rick Riordan, is an engaging and informative new book on Greek mythology.

From high up in the skies, the Greek pantheon watches over the exotic lands of the Mediterranean. On Mount Olympus, the gods and goddesses fall in love, marry, squabble, and fight in a most peculiar manner. Modern day demi-god, Percy Jackson, narrates the many divine exploits of the Olympians.

It all started when the earth and the sky had Titan kids and some of these despicable kids (not really kids anymore) led by the Titan, Kronos, committed murder. From then on, everything went haywire for Kronos and being cursed by his father was the root cause of his problems. Other Olympians also have their own adventures. Zeus turns into a snake to woo a lady, Artemis unleashes a giant killer pig, and warm-hearted Hestia gives no one any trouble. The gods face many adversaries such as a scorpion-tailed woman, a giant with serpent fingers, and many more, to always triumph.

A fast-paced narration with many hilarious wise-cracks makes this volume of stories tremendously entertaining. Rick Riordan has conjured up the Olympians as modern 21st C gods to capture the reader’s attention. The gods regale us in English modern-day teenagers use – to the Olympians, people they like are dudes and bros.

I picked this book as it has many unusual tales about the immortal Greeks Gods (unlike the usual stories of Greek heroes) and this captivated me. I was on the edge of my seat as I sprinted through the pages of the book.  This book should definitely not go unread.