Winning Big A Taaleem Award Winner’s Journey


Emma Robertson, who placed third in the Taaleem Award 15-17 age group, on her journey to the prize

What inspired you to enter the competition?

I saw a poster advertising the competition in my school library, and I just thought ‘it’s worth a shot’. I never expected to win anything and frankly, I used the competition as an excuse to get into writing more poetry.

One thing you most enjoyed about the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature?

I loved that there were so many opportunities for young authors and poets to showcase and celebrate their work together. The competitions and workshops provided such a great chance for learning and appreciation of literature.

How does it feel to have won?

The instant I found out, I ran laps around my house and screamed with joy. I was in complete shock initially, and kept checking the name at the top of the e-mail in disbelief to see if I had ACTUALLY won.