Aditi Belame Kumar

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Author Aditi Belame Kumar migrated with her parents to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) when she was only three years old. She spent her childhood growing up on camel farms, often joining her veterinarian father out on the field. Leaving the UAE in pursuit of career aspirations, it was only upon returning as an adult that Aditi came to truly appreciate her upbringing, and come to the realisation that the camel is the unheralded and underappreciated (at least by outsiders) centrepiece of the UAE’s ethnographic and historical identity.

Humr Al Na’am, Treasure of the Desert is her first book and explores the special bond between camels and Arab civilisation. Learn more about the mystical world of camel racing, beauty contests, and more at the launch of Humr Al Na’am, Treasure of the Desert at the Emirates Literature Festival Majlis, on March 9, 2018 from 5:30-6:00pm in the Heritage Majlis on Dubai Creek Waterfront at the InterContinental Event Centre.

Aditi will be joined by her father, veterinarian Dr Belame Kumar, and photographer Wouter Kingma.