EAFOL16 Team Picks Jacky


EAFOL16 Head of Operations Jacky Williams tells us why she is captivated by one of the upcoming authors

Anchee-Min1The author I am most looking forward to is Anchee Min – after watching a YouTube clip of hers – I was hooked on this beautiful humble lady who has an amazing story of how she ended up in America, she said that when she first arrived she was jealous of the homeless as a) they could speak English and b) they had a work permit!

She taught herself to write and initially corrected her grammar by asking people whilst she stood in the elevator queue. Wow!

So, I started reading Becoming Madame Mao; I struggled at first as it’s written in alternating voice – a few paragraphs as Madame Mao and a few paragraphs updating the history of the time – but the way it’s written has stirred my imagination and I feel lost in the story. I definitely want to read more of her books.

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